Thursday, July 6, 2017


  • Pre-Basic, Tues 10:45am
  • Pre-Basic, Thur 8pm
  • Intermediate Novice Obedience, Mon 6:30pm
  • Rally Masters, Wed 6:15pm
  • Beginner Agility, Mon 6pm
  • Advanced Beginner Agility, Mon 7:30pm
  • Novice Agility, Thur 6pm
  • Masters Agility Handling, Tues 7:30pm
  • Beginner Flyball, Thur 12pm
  • Conformation, Tue 8pm
  • 2x2 Weaves, Thur 6pm
  • Learn The New Rally Signs, Thur 6pm: will run for 1 hour (not 1.5 hr)

Monday, July 3, 2017


There has been news of the Canine Influenza in New York State. Two cases have been confirmed in Chemung County as of 6/30/2017. At this point, after input from our member-veterinarians and discussion by the Board, SOTC plans to hold all scheduled summer classes and events.

We recommend that you discuss this with your veterinarian, who already knows your dog. Some people may choose to vaccinate their dogs, especially if their dogs are traveling and competing. There is a two-shot-series vaccine for the Canine Influenza. For availability, call your vet.

You may want to take steps to keep your dogs safe. For example:
  • Do not share treats, toys, or water dishes.
  • Do not allow your dog to have nose-to-nose contact with other dogs.
  • Do not share crates. The flu can travel thru the air when dogs cough, bark, or sneeze and can live up to 48 hours on objects. If you use a guest crate, wipe it out with Clorox wipes (provided) before and after use.
  • Wash your hands before touching your dog. There are sinks for hand-washing in the bathrooms and in the main training area. Hand sanitizer will be readily available as well.
  • You may choose not to have your dog touched by other people while visiting SOTC (as in the sit/stand for exam or conformation-type exam).
  • You may choose not to attend classes or dog shows.
If you have a sick dog at home, please do not bring any of your other dogs to the SOTC building. Dogs that contract the flu can be shedding the virus for a few days before showing any symptoms. Therefore, if you think your dog may have been exposed to a sick dog, do not take the dog out until you have waited long enough to be sure he is not going to become sick (consult your veterinarian for the number of days to wait).

If you are enrolled in a class at SOTC and are concerned, you will have the option to cancel your enrollment, with fees or points refunded on a prorated basis.

If the flu becomes a larger problem in Syracuse, we will revisit the possibility of cancelling classes/events or closing the building.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017


Spring classes are all under way and/or full. See you next session!

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