Saturday, May 5, 2018

Spring Puppy classes

The *Wednesday* 6pm Puppy class originally scheduled to start on May 9 will be postponed, and will begin instead on May 30. If you were planning to register for this class but the new start date puts your puppy a bit over the age limit, don't worry about it! We will make it work. :-)

The *Tuesday* Puppy class scheduled to begin June 12 will be also be postponed, most likely until July.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Spring registration nearly over!

New-student orientation (no dogs) will be held tonight at 7pm.

Modt classes begin next week. A few openings remain in Pre-Basic and Basic. Upcoming Puppy classes (scheduled to begin May 9 and June 12) still have plenty of openings.

Changes to spring 2018 schedule

The following classes on the spring schedule have been cancelled:
  • Pre-Basic Monday 6pm
  • Basic Thursday 8pm
  • Intro to Utility Wednesday 1pm

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