Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Change to Andrea Lee's 7:30 Thursday agility class

Instead of the drop-in model mentioned in the original class listing, Andie Lee would like to organize her 7:30 Thursday agility class differently this time. Students will (1) sign up for the full 6 weeks (2) at the recommendation of a prior agility instructor, thus:

Agility: Bridging the Gap
6 weeks starting Thursday 1/18 at 7:30pm (will not meet on 2/22)
Members $66 or 7.5pts, non-members $78

A class designed specifically for agility teams that have difficulties with specific skills that are keeping them from advancing into higher level agility classes (e.g. contacts, weaves, etc.). Students will be admitted at the recommendation of the previous instructor, who should discuss the specific issue with Andrea so that she can formulate a plan to retrain.

PREREQUISITE: Requires nomination by previous instructor

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